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December 14 2016

We wanted to invite the most influential Influencers to take part in next year’s by:Larm Conference, so we took a survey of some of our past delegates to find out who they feel has been the most important and inspirational in their own life and music industry career. Which figures, we asked, have shaped your own practice, and significantly affected the music world?

Radiohead’s Sixth Member: Nigel Godrich In Conversation

English record producer Nigel Godrich has played a crucial role in the development of Radiohead since he worked on the classic OK Computer in 1997. Their unique creative relationship has been called ‘the most adventurous band-producer partnership in modern rock’, and his creative role has extended into becoming a member of Thom Yorke’s spin off band Atoms For Peace. Nigel has also produced albums by Beck, REM, U2, Paul McCartney, Travis and more; has hosted his TV series From the Basement, and is currently working on a new solo album by Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters. A rare opportunity to hear him sharing studio secrets in this by:Larm Q&A with music writer Rob Young.

Babak Azarmi

Babak Azarmi is the manager and branding strategist for artists such as Silvana Imam, Erik Lundin, Cherrie, Leslie Tay & Michel Dida. He has worked with brands such as Red Bull, Tiger of Sweden, G-Shock and Sandqvist. In 2006 he founded RMH Sweden, a management company, label and creative consultancy, with the ambition to create cultural expressions instead of just following fashions. In this Q&A he will share his knowledge, experience and sheer enthusiasm. 

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Confirmed panels and debates:

Commercial or Traditional: Which way for Spellemann? 
Following Spellemann 2016, certain changes which had been made to the criteria in each prize category were roundly discussed in public debate, and questions about increased commercialisation have become a much more urgent topic. What direction should Spellemann take in the future? A well qualified panel will take a fundamental assessment of the frameworks and process surrounding the awards.

Equality in the Nordic Music Industry
For more than 40 years the Nordic countries have been united over the importance of equality. Many goals have been achieved, but there are still challenges to overcome. Norway tops the list of social equality, but at the same time its labour market is one of the most gender-divided in Europe. How is this reflected in the music business, and in what distinct ways does each Nordic country deal with the issue of equality?

Ben Challis joins NKA
It is a pleasure to confirm that UK lawyer Ben Challis joins NKA in their presentation of The Legal Handbook.

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Photo: Camilla Slaattun Brauer