Babak Azarmi to by:Larm 2017

December 13 2016


We wanted to invite the most influential Influencers to take part in next year’s by:Larm Conference, so we took a survey of some of our past delegates to find out who they feel has been the most important and inspirational in their own life and music industry career. Which figures, we asked, have shaped your own practice, and significantly affected the music world? One of the names that came up repeatedly was:

Babak Azarmi. 

Babak Azarmi is the manager and branding strategist for artists such as Silvana Imam, Erik Lundin, Cherrie, Leslie Tay & Michel Dida. He has worked with brands such as Red Bull, Tiger of Sweden, G-Shock and Sandqvist. In 2006 he founded RMH Sweden, a management company, label and creative consultancy, with the ambition to create cultural expressions instead of just following fashions. His experience as a ‘Third Culture Kid’ – a double alienation between his parents’ culture and the dominant Swedish society, has been the basis for everything that he has created over the last 10 years. In this Q&A he will share his knowledge, experience and sheer enthusiasm.

“Babak is one of the few people in the Scandinavian music business who is actually caring for the music scene, and is trying to change it. He says and does what others just thinks about. He is a true revolutionary.”

– Arif

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