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The environment should be the core of all things we do.

Our environment and climate are undergoing unprecedented changes.
At by:Larm, we want to be a part of the solution towards a sustainable future. When making a festival, one also creates a short-term society where people eat, drink, meet and enjoy culture. In this we see the opportunities of modeling the future we want and need. We wish to introduce our partners and guests to a sound alternative to today’s energy-heavy and wasteful societies.
Because of the opportunities we see when creating our festival, we decided in 2015 to become certified through Stiftelsen Miljøfyrtårn. By changing our consumption patterns, how we use and dispose of our food, and reducing how much we put back into the atmosphere, we believe that we are taking steps towards a more sustainable future. We actively work to be a leading festival when it comes to climate and environmental solutions, and encourage other festivals and actors to do the same.

by:Larm’s main environmental focuses
Energy from biofuel and grid connection
The use of fossil fuels as an energy source emits greenhouse gases such as CO2, thus contributing to climate change. Many festivals rely heavily on the use of fossil fuel heavy generators.
We at by:Larm know that alternatives to hazardous energy sources are easily obtained and is now a festival run completely on biofuel and electric energy. We also encourage all our partners to look to alternative energy sources in their projects.

Food waste
Despite nearly one billion people living in hunger today, the lack of food is not the issue. It is rather the distribution and use of food. The food wasted from households, restaurants, supermarkets, festivals, etc in Norway alone could feed 785 000 people.
This year by:Larm is cooperating with MatPrat and Spire to reduce the amount of food waste produced at the festival. We are implementing guidelines for our partners in the food production and ask our guests to finish their delicious meals. We are offering smaller meals for less money – if you are not so hungry, you have one dish – if you are hungrier you can get more dishes, and you can also share with your friends.
Additionally, our plates and cutlery can be sorted as food waste.

Public transport
We are all aware of our private vehicles emitting vast amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. However, did you also know that every single car tire produces about 2 kilograms of micro plastic when used for approximately three years? Micro plastic is an enormous problem for sea life.
by:Larm wants to protect both the atmosphere and ocean life, that is why we encourage all our co-workers, distributors, artists and guests to use means of public transport such as train and bus when making their way to our festival.

Plastic and packaging
Production of plastics demand vast amounts of oil, energy, water and chemicals. Plastic does not break down, it breaks up into small pieces. Most micro-organisms cannot properly degrade plastics, leading to pollution of local land areas. Further, poor waste management results in between 8 and 12 million tonnes of plastic waste ending up in our oceans every year.
by:Larm has always used cups from BioWare that are biodegradable on our own festival site. To reduce the amount of disposable cups we have decided to use a larger amount of beer cans and mineral water bottles, as this is easier to recycle in the national refund system than the bio plastic cups. All glasses used for cocktails are washable and reused, contributing to waste reduction.

Some of our measures include
– choosing environmental friendly and certified alternatives
– sharing, reusing and recycling
– as far as possible choosing short-traveled products
– cooperating with environmentally conscious distributors and the environmental organisation Spire
– using public transport to and from the office, and also encouraging our audiences, artists and external partners to do the same

Some of the measures you as an audience can do include
– walk, bike or use public transport to get to by:Larm
– avoid non-reusable packaging, recycle and produce as little waste as possible
– enjoy our offers of organic and vegetarian food
– inspire and engage others to do the same
– use these measures also outside of by:Larm

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