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11 new acts ready for by:Larm 2023

Boko Yout

Get ready for both national and international treasures - punk-emo-trap, multi-talented pop artists, electronica and Icelandic rap - are just some of what you can experience at this years festival. Get your ticket to by:Larm 2023, and find your new favorite artist in September!

Boy Destroy (SE)
Boy Destroy tells his tales and life stories with brutal honesty. His strong lyrics are combined with music influenced by 90’s alternative rock like Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins, as well as delving into legacy artists like Jeff Buckley and Joni Mitchell alongside modern emo, trap and hip hop.

Evig Ferie (NO)
Evig Ferie makes wave-based music that flows on emotions. The members all have roots from Mjøsa, but are now Oslo-based. Since the start in 2023, they have played concerts around the country. Their music can be found in several surf-, snowboard- and skate-movies, in addition to the YouTube series Safari on Safari, which has reached a wide audience.

Fat Dog (UK)
The dog has been selectively bred over millennia for various behaviors, sensory capabilities, and physical attributes. Experience Fat Dog at by:Larm 2023.

GKR is an artist from Reykjavík, Iceland, known for his energetic live shows, and exciting music videos. He’s also definitely one of those that put Icelandic Hip Hop on the map.

Kerstin Ljungström (SE)
Kerstin's sound as a solo artist is a declaration of love to several decades of Swedish pop, with influences from artists such as Bo Kaspers Orkester, Oskar Linnros, Eva Dahlgren and Jonathan Johansson.

Mun Sing (UK)
Mun Sing’s uncompromising ingenuity of sonic weaponry and genre exploration, is Harry Wright's project to challenge the conventions and aesthetics of modern club culture. Mun Sing experiments with ideas of inclusivity and positivity, infiltrating methods from mainstream pop music into the more serious, strict club world.

Pauline (DK)
In 2021, Pauline blew the Danes away with her debut single "Ny Og Næ". In 2022, Pauline went on her first Denmark tour and has also performed at a large number of Denmark's festivals. Now in 2023, Pauline is going on her «Klos Hold» tour, where she will have the opportunity to create magical and intimate settings.

Posner (NO)
Posner has in a short time made a name for himself within the club scene in Norway, with his focus on breaks, alternative club music and sudden sonic shifts in unexpected directions.

River (SE)
With blunt and empowered honesty, soul-quaking vocals, and the sassy spirit of a vintage pinup model, RIVER sings straight from the heart. The Stockholm-based singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist infuses a lifetime obsession with soul, experiences gained on a globetrotting whirlwind, and rare mystique into a simmering signature style.

Søn (DK)
Since Copenhagen based  Søn debuted in 2019 with the album 'Det Skandinaviske Design', they have surprised with solid live concerts and lyrics, and established that Søn is something special. On stage, Søn is flexible, exuberant and known for blowing the audience away.


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