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Kara Jackson by Lawrence Agyei

The search for fresh, new talent never stops at by:Larm. We are happy to announce 15 new acts for this year’s festival, including Swedish pop, psychedelic R&B, contemporary Irish folk music, alt-country from the US and more unexpected treasures. Celebrate the arrival of spring by listening to 15 fresh artists, and get your early bird ticket here before it’s too late!

AmenA (YE/SE)

21-year-old AmenA started singing as a child, and music was also the only thing she could take with her when she fled Yemen to Sweden in the wake of war. In Sweden, her pop-career has quickly taken off.

Amilost (NO/UK)

amilost are an Oslo hailing alt-pop trio, now based in London. Melancholic by nature and powerfully intimate, their songs build from whispered confessions to shimmering heights.

Bavé (SE)

With the ability to mix psychedelic R&B with melancholic indie, Bavé has developed his own sound that has earned him a nomination for the Swedish Grammis, and recognition from international tastemakers.

Blæst (DK)

Blæst tells stories about the Roskilde Festival, melancholy and party romances. In September 2022, Blæst released their debut album with great success and staggering numbers.

Brother May (UK)

Songwriter, producer, and MC Brother May is more than just a multi-disciplinary artist, he’s a creative auteur, sculpting spontaneous ideas into new and innovative forms through music and sound, based upon ideals of freedom and expressivity.

Elina Waage Mikaelsen (NO)

Elina Waage Mikalsen is a sound artist from Romssa/Tromsø, Sápmi. With her improvised sets, Elina creates sonic spaces somewhere between reality and fantasy, with sound textures that move between the fluid, the noisy and the sacred.

Kara Jackson (US)

Wielding her voice like a honey-coated blade, Kara Jackson crafts a blend of emotional folk music and poetic alt-country. 

Klossmajor (NO)

With three-voice vocals, rap, lots of humor and a twinkle in the eye, Klossmajor continue to tighten their grip on Norwegian listeners. Feelgood, groovy and chill, the three vocalists sing about growing up, love and relationships.

Neon Priest (DK)

Supersonically weaving through elements drawn from trance, eurodance, hyperpop and straight out EDM, Neon Priest assert themselves on exploring and pushing the boundaries within electronic pop music.

Olivia Lobato (SE)

Olivia Lobato writes painfully and dreamily about life's greatest moments. With her captivating voice, she made a name for herself on TikTok, where she made her own interpretations of well-known pop songs.

Oscar Blesson (NO)

Oscar Blesson is a hip-hop artist from Holmlia. The sound of Oscar Blesson shows strong connections to his African roots, and he uses an average of 10% French in his songs.

Plaza (NO)

Plaza was the third member from UNDERGRUNN to go solo with his debut album «Plaza O Plomo». Plaza has made his mark with his unique voice, sharp rap verses and fresh style.


Born Nicholas Durocher and raised in Ottawa, Canada, TALK is a multi-instrumental wizard, trained in piano, guitar, drums, bass, banjo, harmonica and even the mandolin. TALK is eccentric, flashy and colourful, and he’s crafted a sound equally unique.


Founded in Falmouth, Cornwall, the GOLDEN DREGS is the project of Benjamin Woods, songwriter and producer currently residing in South London. The GOLDEN DREGS serves as a platform for Woods’s different musical output.

The Mary Wallopers (UK)

With their debut album on the way in October and a massive tour of Ireland/UK and Europe, The Mary Wallopers are taking their unique and joyous vision of the historic music from Ireland out into the world.


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