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16 Exciting Artists Added to the Programme

Grove by Khali Ackford

We are thrilled to announce an exciting group of international and Nordic acts to this year’s by:Larm. Joining the lineup are British pop, Norwegian newcomers and Caribbean-Belgian jazz. We are also launching special co-curated nights with Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival and Escho. Get your ticket here!

Discovery Zone (US)

Born and raised in Manhattan, currently based between New York and Berlin, Discovery Zone is the space in which multimedia artist JJ Weihl creates pop music, video collages, powerpoint presentations, innovative products and advertisements.

Fafi Abdel Nour (NL)

Fafi never fails to captivate dancers into a sense of timelessness and otherworldly joy when he DJs. Dissolving boundaries between sound, movement and being, dancers can expect everything from spellbinding melodic passages, house-inflected body music and enchanted breakbeats,

Grove (UK)

Grove contorts dancehall, UK bass and hip-hop into a brand new beast, spurred by sensual liberation, defiance and political angst. Inspired by punk, Jamaican sound system culture and a healthy dose of pop sensibilities from their teen years, the music is best enjoyed with a serving of dance and sweat.

Johanna Orellana (NO)

Flutist and composer Johanna Orellana's expressions and atmospheric improvisations have already brought her international attention. With her debut album, «Las Camelias, Tres Esquinas», which was released on Smalltown Supersound March this year, Orellana officially steps into the role of a solo artist.

Kameliia (NO)

Hailing from Norway, Kameliia’s work can be described as dense of groove, hypnotism and atmospheric music, telling a story to be unraveled through body language on the dance floor.

Live Hanken (NO)

Live Hanken is a 20-year-old artist and songwriter from Ålesund, Norway, and has been singing and playing guitar for as long as she can remember. With her unique and experimental character on both guitar and vocals, Live invites you to a musical experience where the world stops for a moment.

Magnus Münster (DK)

A combination of both nostalgic and contemporary pop permeates the musical identity of Magnus Münster. The talented 21-year-old artist draws his inspiration from Paul McCartney and Paolo Nutini, as well as modern popstars such as Harry Styles and The 1975.

Orphée Noah (SE)

Orphée Noah is uncompromising in his creating, and builds his own musical world that can’t be compared to anything else. In his music, you can hear Orphée's journey through pop, soul, jazz, hip-hop and avant-garde. Wildly different genres that he seamlessly weaves together into a unique unit.

Oven (NO)

Oven has made a mark on both the public and the industry. With significant support from streaming services and radio stations, his music has been exposed through playlists and received heavy rotation on Norwegian radio.

Veslemøy Narvesen (NO)

With her sophisticated mix of pop and jazz, Veslemøy Narvesen unfolds as a unique and diverse addition to the Norwegian jazz scene. The singing drummer refers to pop, singer/songwriter, Nordic jazz and contemporary music, and together with her musicians creates a genre- and timeless expression.

Vlada (RU)

Vlada aims to represent an eclectic manner where any genre features seem to eliminate and morph to a special type of unity. Yet sensitive and feminine her power is brave enough to give a chance to new unexpected outcomes of improvisation.


Nala Sinephro (BL/MQ)

The Caribbean-Belgian multi-instrumentalist Nala Sinephro blasts off on a cosmic voyage where Alice Coltrane-style harp encounters a galaxy of glittering ambient textures.

Nothing Personal (NO)

Nothing Personal is the trio of Dorothea Økland, Thea Emilie Wang and Solveig Wang. They describe their methods as ‘curated improvisation’, combining elements from jazz, experimental pop, R&B and electroacoustic music.


Elias Rønnenfelt (DK)

Elias Rønnenfelt is best known as the lead singer and lyricist for the band Iceage. Now he’s performing new songs under his own name.

Fine (DK)

Fine is a singer/songwriter and producer from Copenhagen. Optimistic David Lynch movie driving at night in the desert, peacefully flying in the dark Fines angelic voice from another point of view, reminisces equally half speed cherry coloured funk and/or if Dolly Parton played alternative rock.

Snuggle (DK)

Former Liss guitarist and producer Vilhelms Strange and Baby in Vain songwriter and singer Andrea Thuesen have teamed up as Snuggle. Snuggle forms a symbiosis of different musical eras, intertwining grungy guitar riffs with breathy vocals into a fuzzy 90s grunge sound, as well as eclectic 00s pop productions.


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