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24 New Acts Added to the Lineup


Let the excitement begin! It’s less than a month till by:Larm kicks off. Our biggest artist launch yet this year includes a wide range of thrilling Nordic and international artists and DJs.

Bar Italia (UK)

Since the beginning, the London based band Bar Italia made waves in subcultural forums and tastemaker record stores alike. Check out the hype at by:Larm!

Bikôkô (ES)

Bikôkô released her first project Aura Aura in 2021 - a self produced EP with influences from R&B and neo soul. In her latest projects she’s worked with artists such as Raül Refree (who produced Rosalía’s first album), Sega Bodega, John Key (Solange), Crystal Murray among others.

Britz (NO)

Britz got a lot of attention when he released his first freestyle on Instagram. Since then, he has released several successful singles.

Cosha (IE)

Cosha is a US-born, Ireland-raised alt R&B singer-songwriter and producer. Now based in London, her career has seen many artistic and commercial successes.

Elia Lombardini (FI)

Elia Lombardini is a Finnish-Italian composer, producer and violinist. Entirely written, arranged, performed and produced by Lombardini, his debut album is a unique mix of classical music with heavy electronic overtones.

Guldimund (DK)

Guldimund’s poetic lyrics with a documentary touch, supplemented with a sea of guitars, wind instruments, angelic choirs and a divine lead vocal has impressed to great success.


INVT is the multidisciplinary art project of Luca Medici and Delbert Perez. The duo specialize in electronic music and fashion design. Their sound consists of a mix of garage, dubstep, techno and various forms of Latin bass music.

JJ Paulo (DK/TZ)

JJ Paulo’s musical expression and stage presence is of such an international quality that acclaimed BBC radio presenter Rafaela Coleman said: «JJ, you are an absolute star and when you blow up do not forget about us».

Joanna Party (SE)

Joanna Perez Nordahl is a Swedish-Brazilian award-winning film director and artist based in London, while frequently traveling to wherever in the world her projects or curiosity take her. At by:Larm, she’s doing a DJ-set together with Lil C.

Joshua Idehen (UK/SE)

To banish his inner darkness, English-born Nigerian Joshua Idehen has filled his long-awaited EP Hold Up Your Chin with so much love and compassion that it almost bursts. Together with Ludvig Parment, he creates a unique mix of lo-fi house, gospel and poetry.

Kia (AU)

Kia’s speedy rise to notoriety is no surprise. Although young, Kia plays with the confidence and experience expected of a DJ with many more years under their belt.

Ladies Music Pub (UK)

Ladies Music Pub is a non-profit organization for womxn and gender variant people working in and around the music industry. At by:Larm they’re presenting a lineup and hosting a party at Kafé Hærverk.

Laura Groves (UK)

Laura Groves released her much-anticipated first full length release under her own name earlier this month. A singer all her life, Groves has spent over a decade developing a practice as an autonomous multi-instrumentalist and recording artist as well as a collaborator (Ragz Orginale, Darkstar, Sampha, Jamie Leeming).

Lil C (UK)

Born and raised in South London, DJ and broadcaster Lil C combines a potent mix of Bashment and a love of global pop music with classic R&B, Reggaeton, Afrobeats and contemporary UK rap, capturing the sound of the transatlantic diaspora.

Lille Venn (NO)

Lille Venn is the friendly girl sitting in the corner of the party, wearing her favorite The Cure t-shirt. With musical inspirations like Paramore, Blink-182, and Taylor Swift, her songs are written as a nostalgic diary about life's roller-coaster ride and everything it may entail.

Malin Pettersen (NO)

With the EP Alonesome (2019) and the album Wildhorse (2020), Malin went from being a well-kept secret at home to international recognition on platforms such as Billboard, Forbes and Rolling Stone. New album, Trouble Finding Words, will be released October 20th.

Marius Ziska (FO)

Marius Ziska, born and raised in the Faroe Islands, has left a mark on many of those who are curious about alt-folk and singer-songwriting. His soundscape is perceived as both generous, melancholic and meditative.

Miriam Bryant (SE)

With her latest album PS I hate you, Miriam Bryant has once again proven that she is one of Sweden's absolute biggest and most influential artists.

Nick León (US)

Nick León’s dystopian club music samples the sounds of Florida’s diverse ecosystem, but his style has varied fearlessly along the way. Finding his way into the rap world at a young age, he has collaborated with some of the biggest underground rappers in South Florida.

Perko & Huerco S. (UK/US)

Perko is a Scottish Producer and DJ based in Copenhagen, known for his textural productions and off-kilter remixes. Huerco S. makes music for the mind and for the floor, finding lost artifacts and carving out sounds that speak to an altered state of home, or place. At by:Larm they are doing a collaborative live performance.

Rossman (NO)

Rossman is the artist that your slightly weird aunt loves, but that your little brother also has posters of on his walls. A burst of feelgood fireworks on a stage show that oozes with joy, has made Rossman a popular live artist.

Sliteneliten (NO)

Being called «A musical answer to a Workers’ Day parade», Norwegian sextet Sliteneliten have recently become one of the most talked-about Norwegian underground bands.


Norway's new talent STORM, born in 2008, is ready to put Norwegian metalcore on the map.

Vågard & David Grytten (NO)

Vågard's long-awaited solo debut was almost finished before he passed away too soon in 2022. The album Notoriske B.O.G. showcases Vågard as one of Norway’s leading wordsmiths, and establishes his status as a uniquely genuine hip-hop pioneer. At by:Larm producer David Grytten plays through the album together with guest artists from NMG/G-huset.


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