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More sessions added to the by:Larm Conference

Lil C

At this year's by:Larm Conference you can get insight to Lewis Capaldi's career through his booking agent, Ryan Penty. Penty will be interviewed by music editor of the Guardian, Laura Snapes. We are also launching the first panels in our «The state of:» series. Get your ticket here!

Case study: Lewis Capaldi with Ryan Penty (Wasserman Music)

Since Lewis Capaldi performed at one of by:Larm’s smaller venues in 2018, in front of a few hundred people, his rise has been nothing short of meteoric.

2023 sees Lewis Capaldi release his second album Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent, the highly-awaited and ambitious follow-up to his debut. However, this year has also seen Capaldi take the centre-stage on a topic that is different from music, but highly connected to it: mental health. Capaldi recently announced on his Instagram that he would cancel a series of summer shows to “take a moment to rest and recover” and “just be Lewis from Glasgow for a bit”. After the news broke, the BBC asked «does this willingness to take time out to look after themselves show the music industry is changing?».

Capaldi's booking agent, Ryan Penty, will be interviewed by Laura Snapes, acting music editor of the Guardian and a former editor at Pitchfork and NME. Snapes recently criticized Capaldi's team for not taking his well-being enough into account, in her review of his second album for Pitchfork.

The first panels in our «The State of:» series are ready!

Our «The State of:» panels will give you essential knowledge about the music business today and give you the experts’ take on the future.

The yearly panels are The State of: Management, The State of: A&R and The State of: Live, while the other panels will change from one year to the next, depending on which trends and developments in the industry we wish to highlight from year to year. Together, our «The State of:» series aims to offer a complete yearly report on the state of the music industry.

The State of: Live 2023

Rob Challice (agent, Wasserman Music)
Roxane Dumoulin (agent, ATC Live)
Sally Dunstone (agent, Primary Talent) 

The State of: A&R 2023

Lil C (A&R, XL Records)
Josh Mateer (Head of A&R, Tik Tok)
Ophir Admony (A&R Director, Secretly Canadian)


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