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by:Larm x Ultima: Experience three acts spearheading new music

Nala Sinephro

This collaboration between by:Larm and Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival features some of today’s youngest and most adventurous sound explorers. Get your by:Larm ticket here, and discover three spearheading artists at Kulturkirken Jacob, Friday 15th during the festival.

Nala Sinephro (BL/MQ)

The Caribbean-Belgian multi-instrumentalist Nala Sinephro blasts off on a cosmic voyage where Alice Coltrane-style harp encounters a galaxy of glittering ambient textures.

Elina Waage Mikalsen (NO/SÁ)

Elina Waage Mikalsen is a sound artist from Romssa, Sápmi. With the traditional weaving instrument suohponstuolet, once belonging to Elina's áhkku (grandmother), she has created an instrument of rich textures that summons ancient spirits. The suohponstuolet constitutes the basis for her music, along with vocals, effects and field recordings.

Nothing Personal (NO)

Nothing Personal is the trio of Dorothea Økland, Thea Emilie Wang and Solveig Wang. They describe their methods as ‘curated improvisation’, combining elements from jazz, experimental pop, R&B and electroacoustic music.

In collaboration with Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival and Kulturkirken Jakob.


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