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Delegate Guide for Record Labels


What’s the smartest way to A&R in 2022? Hunting for new talent has always been among the job’s traditional duties, but with new artists able to post music on digital platforms themselves, how is the role evolving? In our ‘State of: A&R’ panel, let the experts enlighten you, while those working in record labels will no doubt find our Spotify sessions, as well as ‘Sync’ sessions, of interest too.

Bandcamp has also grown dramatically throughout the pandemic, becoming an invaluable platform for many indie labels for both mail order and marketing purposes. If you’re running a label, Jes Skolnik of Bandcamp will be in a panel with Matthew McDermott talking about the future of DIY and small labels.

Holland’s electronic festival Dekmantel is invited to by:Larm to talk about how to make a multi-layered, ‘tentacle spreading’, cutting edge festival the Dutch way. The label wing of the festival has also gained traction in recent years, giving credence to a more holistic, multi-purpose approach to running a record label in the 21st century.

This year by:Larm will celebrate a century of the BBC's musical dedication. The British broadcaster and its Norwegian equivalent, NRK, will discuss music programming, the special role public broadcasters play in promoting new music, and how to do this right. What can these two broadcasting behemoths learn from one another?

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