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First Artist Launch to by:Larm 2023

Kristine Blir Rapper. Photo: Daniel Almås

Among the first ten artists to by:Larm 2023, you will find both international treasures and Norwegian up-and-coming artists! Get ready for post-punk from Manhattan, local rap heroes, Swedes who combine punk and rap - and much more. Go listen, and don’t forget the Early Bird ticket sale!

CUMGIRL8 (US) (cancelled)

New York-based cumgirl8 provokes with both their name and a fiery brand of post-punk, fittingly called a “Brooklyn-based fever dream” in V Magazine.


Herkedal debuted at Vill Vill Vest festival last autumn, and was described by Gaffa as the most beautiful act the festival had to offer. Now he’s ready for by:Larm 2023!


For Julie Pavon, music is a playground where she experiments with an immediate and intuitive approach to music and songwriting. In the lyrics, she examines and challenges society, the mind, her own generation and inner individualism.

KASSA OVERALL (US) (cancelled)

Kassa Overall is a Grammy-nominated jazz musician, emcee, singer, producer and drummer, a product of New York City’s jazz scene who melds avant-garde experimentation with hip-hop production techniques to tilt the nexus of jazz and hip-hop in unmapped directions.

KODE.59 (NO)

The rap trio Kode.59 consists of Thanu, Dumoonde and Galle from Oslo. After making R&B and trap during the pandemic, they started wishing for their music to bring all kinds of people together.


If there's a Nordic underground name you want to catch a glimpse of before she completely takes off, this is it. Kristine Blir Rapper (Kristine Becomes a Rapper) raps in Norwegian, Danish and Swedish (in the same sentence), and it just makes sense.


Lover’s Skit is fun, energetic and in your face. All wrapped up in sharp styles and a tongue-in-cheek confidence. Their music gathers influences from many genres, all wrapped up in their very own 18 year old costume.


Nao Mali was born in Wisconsin, but grew up in northern Sweden. Currently based in Stockholm, their artistry combines their love of music and fashion. On the debut EP EURASIA, Nao mixes smooth r&b-vocals with fierce rap and playful, conceptual songwriting.


With an eclectic mix of disco, house, soca, cumbia, funk and rave, the multi-instrumentalist Stuzzi has already made a mark on Stockholm's club scene. His live shows are both unpredictable and energetic, with a charismatic band and guest artists.


Tyr Markus Røe is certainly no lightweight, but for many he is nevertheless a breath of fresh air. According to Tyr himself, we are now entering “Tyr season” – which is is also the opening track on Tyr Tape, released autumn 2022 to acclaim from Norwegian music critics.


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