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The concert programme for by:Larm 2022 is here

Photo: Håkon Paulsen

The concert program for by:Larm 2022 is here! 180 concerts of the best new music across the span of 15 venues in the heart of Oslo. Now you can start planning your route by making your very own personal A-to-Z guide directly on our website.

Will you start off in the mellow corner at St. Edmund’s Church, or would you rather get the party started right away at Revolver or Hærverk? Have you set aside time to catch the future’s pop stars at our biggest stages Sentrum Scene and Rockefeller, and will you remember to grab a snack before the dance floors of Blå welcome you and your best dancing shoes for the night?

Create an account and log in on our website to start ticking off your favorites in the schedule.

Browse the full lineup here, and keep your eyes open for a few more treats in the weeks to come.



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