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The conference schedule for by:Larm 2022 is up

by:Larm conference 2021

We hope your calendar is ready for this: The conference schedule for by:Larm 2022 is up! Now you can fill in your empty slots on September 15th & 16th with an amazing bouquet of talks, keynotes, panels, courses and seminars.

Much of this year’s conference is oriented around the mysterious field of sync. The last few years, more artists than ever have taken notice of the increased revenue and exposure made available by getting their music placed in film, TV and ads. Music supervisors will arrive en masse at by:Larm to do masterclasses, panel talks, interviews and networking sessions. You’ll get a chance to learn from the best – these are professionals who have provided the playlist for TV shows like Atlanta, Mad Men, Westworld, I May Destroy You and Sex Education, ads for Ralph Lauren and Google and movies like A Star Is Born.

But that’s not it! We’ll also discuss the future of DIY with journalists from Pitchfork and Bandcamp. We’ll run through the BBC’s impressive 100 years of music coverage. We’ll learn the ropes from Dekmantel on how to diversify your festival brand. We’ll delve into the wild world of psych- and punk-affiliated graphic designer Barney Bubbles. Spotify will do a couple of masterclasses – and, of course, our The State of panel series will offer their take on exactly what’s trending in different sides of the industry in 2022.

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