Are We The Robots?

November 08 2018

What happens to music in an age increasingly dominated by social media, algorithms, data harvesting and viral marketing? With consumption of music being funnelled through the screen and the smartphone, competition for revenues and listeners’ attention is becoming ever more fierce.

This year, the by:Larm Conference – the essential meeting point for the Nordic music industry – examines these radical developments from multiple angles, in our informative and entertaining mix of Q&As, panel discussions, seminars and workshops.

How can we master the technology and the data to maximise exposure and profit?

Is the digital environment healthy for music, musicians and listeners, or is it in danger of being dehumanised?

Are we living in the best of all possible musical worlds, or has the musical experience been downgraded for the convenience of big business and the middlemen?

See you at the by:Larm Conference!