Achim Ostertag

February 26 2019

Summer Breeze Festival, Owner

Achim Ostertag started Summer Breeze in his hometown Abtsgmuend in 1997 with approx. 300 people attending over two days in a small marquee. The year 2000 marks the first time Summer Breeze took place as an Open Air Festival with 1.500 – 2.000 guests and the following 2-3 years it grew to 10.000 people per day. After moving the festival to Dinkelsbuehl in 2006, Summer Breeze Open Air is now in its 22nd year with more than 40.000 people per day. The festival has become the second biggest Metal Festival in Germany. The Main Stage is the biggest revolving Open Air Stage with a turnable plate (20 metres, two sides, instead of two stages) in Europe. Besides Summer Breeze, Achim Ostertag just started Black Harbour Entertainment, a new booking and management agency with Merle Doering. He is also part of the festival production companies Event G.O.T. and ProChecked.