Eric Reithler-Barros

February 26 2018

Fold Artists, Principal

Mr Reithler-Barros is a longtime participant in the music industry, and is the Executive Creative Advisor to the O!MEGA project in Shanghai, a forthcoming Chinese music documentary.  He is from New York City and is currently based in Shanghai.  He has 27 years of deep industry experience in the international dance music community as a professional DJ, festival promoter, artist, performer, music producer, label owner, editorial commentator, curator, and lifelong advocate of the genre.  He has produced and released over 100 house and techno music records and remixes, started 3 highly influential electronic music record labels, and has had thousands of performances in the best electronic clubs and festivals around the world, in dance music capitals like Berlin, London, New York, Shanghai, London, Ibiza, and many more.  His business and creative development experience ranges from Fortune 50 media companies to music technology startups.  He served as Global Vice President in New York at SFX Entertainment/Livestyle, the $1B American conglomerate that took over the worldwide electronic music industry in 2013, where he purchased and redeveloped dance music brands like Tomorrowland, Stereosonic, ID&T/Sensation, and Beatport.  Eric was instrumental in leading large worldwide partnerships in the electronic music industry such as Viagogo ($75M USD) and Mastercard ($96M USD).  Most recently, Mr Reithler-Barros served as Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer (董事总经理兼首席商务官) at A2LiVE in Shanghai.  A2LiVE is the largest Asian conglomerate of electronic music businesses, and is the producer of the popular STORM electronic music festivals in China.  Eric created an electronic music ecosystem at A2LiVE to combine related businesses like a record label group, DJ booking agency, EDM streaming app, and other departments.  Currently, Eric is independently designing an advanced model for a Chinese artist management agency, to develop and market Chinese electronic artists, and to help international artists who are trying to access China.