Jacob Bilabel

February 26 2018

GO Group/Green Music Initiative,

Jacob Sylvester Bilabel is founder of the pan-European Green Music Initiative (GMI)  and co-founder of the Go Group – Green Operations Europe, an independent, pan-European and cross industry think-tank to inspire people in the music festival and events industry to run their operations greener and smarter. In the years 2013 – 2015 as project leader of the EE MUSIC project, co funded by Intelligent Energy Europe programme by the European commission, Mr Bilabel was responsible for a series of more than 60 workshops which took place in 27 European countries to encourage and equip festivals, clubs and venues with key knowledge and tools to begin understanding and improving energy efficiency and performance. During the project EE MUSIC reached out to more than 850 European festivals and more than 1.400 venues and clubs.


In the year 2016 he took the next step in his journey and launched the Good Life Academy in Germany and Switzerland. The Good Life Academy offers innovative, practicable and easy to use personal development tools for people of all ages to transform their lives for good.

Being a mediocre but passionate surfer, a Kundalini Yoga teacher and fan of the great outdoors his credo is: „Talk without action equals zero“. Jacob is living happily in Berlin with his wife and two dogs.