Rob Scully

February 25 2018

Glastonbury Festival, Environmental Scientist

Longstanding industry troublemaker Rob Scully became “accidentally” involved in festivals and events over 20 years ago, helping to run the Croissant Neuf area at Glastonbury Festival – one of the longest established venues on the site and an area that is completely solar powered. Since then he has been involved in the site & production management of many other events (and still works at Glastonbury…).

An Environmental Scientist by training, he likes to try and disrupt existing event practices through supporting the introduction of new sustainable initiatives & products and through using more efficient and environmentally friendly management methods.

Rob is an Environmental Sustainability Advisor to a number of UK festivals and events and is Senior Assessor & Sustainability Consultant at A Greener Festival. For the last 2 years Rob has also run the UK and Ireland arm of ZAP Concepts, working closely with promoters, event managers and power supply companies to help festivals and events to increase the sustainability of their on-site power (and also save them money in the process…).