25 New Sessions to the by:Larm Conference

February 02 2018

How about a mixing masterclass with Andrew Scheps?

It’s almost time for one of the most important and fun happenings this year. We’re happy to announce 25(!) new sessions to the by:Larm Conference. This announcement includes discussions regarding NRK P3, Blockchain and the future of music journalism. We are confident that you will at least find a couple of sessions that either are important to you as a music industry persona, artist or just a hardcore music lover.

Have a look at our new sessions, and join the discussion 1. – 3. March!

A New Dawn for A&R (ENG)

Analogue-Digital-Analogue (ENG)

Andrew Scheps – A Mixing Masterclass! (ENG)

Arena Screens – More Than a Big Television? (ENG)

Book My Artist – Speed Meeting (NO/ENG)

Border Crossing: International Touring Made Easy (ENG)

Campaigns Around the World (ENG)

Export Academy: Deal or No Deal? (ENG)

Export Academy: Network It! (ENG)

Festival Analytics – Smart Solutions (ENG)

How To Get Your Music On Screen (ENG)

Kulturrådets satsning på kreativ næring (NO)

Meet a Mentor (NO/ENG)

Music Freedom Day 2018: FREEDOM TO CREATE – FREEDOM FOR ARTISTS: Focus on the world situation (ENG)

Music Journalism: Where Are We Now? (ENG)

New Kids on the Blockchain (ENG)

Oslofrokost: De unge og lovende (NO)

P3 — Prinsipper, power-friends og prisdryss (NO)

Pitch Your Song to a Music Supervisor (NO/ENG)

Releaseplanlegging (NO)

State of Independence: Alison Wenham in conversation (ENG)

Verdensmestre i bruk av musikk! – Men hvor tar pengene veien? (NO)

What Makes a Festival Tick? (ENG)

What Matters to the Live Industry? (ENG)

You are not Alone – A Panel Conversation on Mental Health in the Music Industry (ENG)

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