Acknowledged Journalist to the by:Larm Conference

January 09 2019

The digital realm has changed music and its distribution forever. But just as in today’s politics, digital culture is vulnerable to manipulation, corruption and abuse. We’re delighted to welcome the acclaimed British author Jamie Bartlett to open the by:Larm Conference 2019. His lecture
Manipulation, Influence and Digital Technology will outline the current problems in the digital domain and ask how secure can we be that the data we receive on music –and the personal data tech companies expect us to hand over – is being used responsibly?

Further on, Joël Schwalenstöcker (Nordic Live) og Kristoffer Kinden (Stavanger Konserthus) will let us in on the booking process from the angle of the booking agent and club promoter alike in Bookingprosessen: Kontraktens rolle (NO).
They will emphasize what is important to focus on and share insight from both sides of the table. What should a contract actually contain? When should the artist be paid? Who is responsible for public safety? And who is responsible for the artist’s equipment from load-in to load-out.

by:Larm Black’s session School of Rock Pt. 1 will show you everything you need to know to get your project off the ground and learn how the rock/metal genre can come to terms with the digital age. This conversational and interactive session is designed for emerging artists, labels and managers to help you ticking all the right boxes in the process of building a successful heavy metal band (and brand) from the ground up.

Metal audiences are often reduced to the stereotype of customers in black clothes and corpse paint. But are there unique tricks to selling tickets, records, merchandise, etc to a specifically metal customer base? We have assembled some seasoned metal marketers in the session Peddling the Metal, where you can learn about the best practices for boosting sales to the metal audience.

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