by:Larm Conference 2020 – the Delegate Guide

February 03 2020

Feeling overwhelmed by the number of sessions you want to get into? Or is your workload preventing you from planning your conference schedule? Don’t despair – we’re here to help! All our sessions have been tagged, so you can sort them by topics. Click on the different filters and the categories ARTIST/SONGWRITER, EXPORT, LIVE, MANAGEMENT, RECORD LABEL and GENERAL INDUSTRY will appear.

If searching in the online schedule or app just seems like too much hard work, don’t worry! Here’s a suggested programme based around your core interests:


How about an inspirational talk on songwriting (NO) with Lars Vaular and the winner of NOPA’s låtskriverstipend (songwriter prize)? Or an interview (NO) with Katja Benneche Osvold from the hardcore band Life … but How to live it?

Or maybe you’re a DIY artist releasing your own music? The sessions Releasing Music in 2020 (EN) covers The Budget, The Plan and Data & Analytics. Three hours well spent in the company of MØST, GramArt and FONO, if you ask us.

If you’re looking for a way to earn more money from composing music, how about attending Slik lager jeg musikk til spill (NO) presented by NOPA?

Hoping to go on tour, but worrying about the climate? Music Norway offers 11 tips for greener touring (NO)


If you’re in the live business, we have no less than ten sessions that might interest you. Here’s a cool selection: On the business side we can offer inside tips on how to sell tickets presented by Ticketmaster (NO) and a study on innovative business models (EN) presented by NKA. Interested in following the money? Check out the panel Hvor blir det av pengene i dagens klubbmarked (NO) presented by NEMAA and NKA.

If you’re more into what actually happens on stage, perhaps Fremtidens konsertscenografi (NO) or a debate on the health risk of using stage smoke (NO) will be up your alley.


As always, Music Norway provides sessions and meet-&-greets for Norwegian business people working with music export. Here’s a little selection of what you can attend this year: Emerging Markets (NO), frokostmøter med bransjefolk fra India, Kina, Mexico og Brasil (NO) and Life after Brexit: Touring the UK and Europe (EN).


Being a manager requires excellent knowledge of the music industry. Here’s a few sessions to help you stay updated: The Q&A with the shooting star Komali Scott-Jones (EN) will give a unique perspective on making the most out of an artist’s potential to appeal to an audience.

Sealing the deal (EN) presented by NEMAA and EMMA will improve your negotiating skills and help you maneuver between your artist’s needs and the good deal. Join in on a roundtable discussion on the dynamic role of the artist manager (EN)

Music Ally will provide a series of workshops covering The Future of Music Creation (EN), Facebook and Instagram Advertising (EN) and How to Widen Your Streams (EN), among others.

The Arts Council Norway digs into the opportunities for growth in Norway in their series How to make it as an artist in a disrupted digital economy part I – featuring Spotify reps – (EN) and part II (NO).


If you’re working in a record label, Bruce Pavitt’s story of Sub Pop (EN) is required listening.

If you’re more into streaming, we’ll teach you about the hidden bias of algorithmic recommendation (EN) and let you in on the costs to the earth’s environment of recorded music formats (EN). British writer Eamonn Forde has written about the final days of EMI (EN) and will give you the story behind the sell-off of one of the mightiest recording companies of the 20th century. We’ll also clue you in on 20 things you need to do in 2020 (EN) and give you a tour of the companies and trends that could change the music business (EN), in addition to a panel discussion on how NRK chooses the music we hear on Norwegian radio (NO).

Least but not last, the team behind the global indie-star boy pablo will give you the story of how they broke him (EN).


If you’re a student or basically interested in all aspects of the industry, you can choose this category in the filter choice. Phil Taggart’s Slacker Guide to the music industry (EN) will give you a big-picture insight from a leading personality at BBC Radio, while Swedish journalist Annah Björk maps out the next steps for the music industry (NO) after #metoo.

Are you concerned about the state of music journalism these days? Ballade will discuss the situation in a panel of journalists (NO), and you can hear the inside story of Pitchfork in an exclusive talk with Pitchfork’s editor in chief, Puja Patel (EN).

According to the Norwegian mechanical royalties society/performing rights organisation TONO, streaming services are currently buying out composers’ music rights. This means a potential drop in revenue for the music creators. How is this affecting Norwegian composers and what can be done? TONO brings together a panel of industry experts to find possible solutions to the problem (NO).