Dive into the Mexican Market at by:Larm

January 16 2019

Nine New Conference Sessions

This year, the by:Larm Conference – the essential meeting point for the Nordic music industry – examines the radical developments in social media, algorithms, data harvesting and viral marketing from multiple angles. In our informative and entertaining mix of Q&As, panel discussions, seminars and workshops, the by:Larm Conference Are We The Robots will guide you through some of the most exciting topics in the musical digital age.

DIY Artists: Opportunities and Challenges in the Digital Era (EN)

The development and use of new technologies in the music business gives today’s artists several opportunities, but they can also represent challenges. When should you do it yourself, and when is it a good idea to be signed? How can you build your team and own fan base?
Presented by GramArt and International Artist Organisation

Shaking Up Status Quo: Nordic Music Biz’ Top 20 Under 30 (EN)

These are the ones that will shape the future of the music industry. In this panel, three of the Nordic Music Biz’ Top 20 under 30 will discuss how they got to where they are today, what tips and tricks they received in their careers and some of the biggest wins and mistakes of their careers so far.
Presented by Music Norway

Mexico Explained: Do's and Don'ts in Streaming's Fastest-Growing Market (EN)

Mexico is considered the most interesting emerging music market globally. Much is due to Spotify’s successful entry in 2013 and the rapid transition from piracy to legal streaming. The live market has also experienced strong maturation and boosts a strong festival scene. There’s certainly an interest in Norwegian music in Mexico, but where do you start? Who do you talk to and work with? What cultural pitfalls should you be aware of, and how does the market differ from the Anglo-American one?
Presented by Music Norway

Musikkritikk i digitaliseringsalderen (NO)

Difficult times in the newspaper and media industry have put cultural material and reviews under pressure. Reviews are not very profitable, and are not read on digital surfaces compared to other feature and cultural materials. Yet reviews and criticisms are important elements in the development of public conversation, and for the understanding of art and music.
But where does the shoe pinch – does everyone write too boring today? Was everything so much better before? This panel discuss what could possibly be done to gain interest in album reviews and other music criticism in 2019.

Hiphop og den nye bindestreksnordmannen (NO)

Hip hop and R&B are tied into the book pages in the story of two boys who each take their own path in life from the same starting point in Zeshan Shakar debut novel Tante Ulrikkes Vei. Journalist Øyvind Holen has written a number of books on hip hop, Groruddalen, and the development of the new Norway, and it is natural to put them in the same sofa, in a conversation led by culture journalist Audun Vinger.

How-To For Artists #2: Hvordan gjøre sosiale medier om til penger (NO)

Most artists exist on various forms of social media, and many of them are good at communicating with their fans and followers. But how does this close relationship between artist and fans turn into profit? Is there a potential here that Norwegian artists do not use? We have invited Cuckoo, also known as Andreas Paleologos, to talk about the member-based online community Patreon.

How-To For Artists #3: Hva er greia med publishing og sync? (NO)

Can the complexity of a synch deal be explained in simple terms? What rights are involved? What can I do to enhance my chances to get a synch? Eva Karman Reinhold (Smilodon) and Mia Hallesby (GILT) will show you how.

Låtskriverlunsj med Fay Wildhagen og Anne Grete Preus (NO)

The two productive and successful songwriters will talk about their working methods, projects they work with and where they get inspiration. Their mutual admiration for each other, as well as passion for guitar, led them to develop a close friendship. How do they inspire each other? An intimate and exclusive live experience while eating a free bite!
Presented by NOPA

Møte med Ella Marie (NO)

Ella Marie Hætta Isaksen became an A-list celebrity because of her convincing victory in the entertainment series Stjernekamp, but she has long since found her own little place as an artist with her own important opinions. Both as a public person and as part of the trio ISÁK. she has shown that one can operate in a modern pop sphere and at the same time care for something, treat inflamed political issues, and be concerned with heritage, in her case the Sami. Meet her in conversation with culture journalist Audun Vinger.