Five New Sessions

December 12 2018

Remember to get your tickets to the by:Larm Conference before December 13

Our forward-looking Conference programme is represented by five new events in this announcement. We’ll be focusing on plastic in GO Group’s The Plastic Age, in which we share tips on best practice and inspiring examples of how you can break the dependency on plastics in the promotional and music industry. Maybe it’s possible to go totally plastic-free?
Our regular Conference partner Music Ally will divulge the hottest technological trends in What’s Now, What’s Next: Future Trends, and mentions various digital tendencies in our Need To Know Guide to 2019.
Twitch, YouNow and other gigantic live streaming services have become a big part of the business model in the gaming industry. In the session Learning from Livestreams: Gamers, Vloggers and Musicians, we’ll share the secrets of how to earn thousands every week from live streaming.
The question, ‘What is AI music?’ will be answered in Plug Me In: The Sonic Robots Are Here. Whether you are an artist, label, promoter, manager or fan, you’ll discover what the prospects are for music and AI in the future.

The Plastic Age

Presented by Green Operations Europe
We need to talk about plastics. How much we use and how much we shouldn’t. It is said that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. That’s incredible, but can you imagine our society without it? Let’s talk about how dependent we are on plastic and whether we like to take steps out of our comfort zones. Can we get rid of it? In the music industry and at events? What’s the use of banning straws if you still pour drinks in single-use cups? We present best practises and inspiring examples. Plastics-ban meets circular approach. Let’s learn how to avoid, reduce and recycle.

WHAT’S NOW, WHAT’S NEXT: Future Trends

Presented by Music Ally and by:Larm
New technologies continue to disrupt the music industry, but also to present new opportunities for artists. Music Ally is constantly tracking the latest developments in techs from augmented and virtual reality to blockchain, smart speakers and artificial intelligence. This module will take you through some of the key tech trends (and the startups driving them) in our world, and explain exactly what they mean for you and your artists in the years to come.

Our Need to Know Guide to 2019

Presented by Music Ally and by:Larm
Music Ally presents the big-picture digital music trends of 2019 and then let’s you, the audience, have your say on whether you think they are actually going to make a difference to your day to day life in the music business. Will voice become the new way to discover and interact with music? Will we start to find huge new audiences in China and India? Are crossovers into gaming and e-sports going to give a massive boost to marketing campaigns in 2019? Come to the session to find out about this, and more and tell us what you think.

LEARNING FROM LIVESTREAMS: Gamers, Vloggers and Musicians

Presented by Music Ally and by:Larm
Find out the secrets to earning thousands every week off of live engagement. This module covers the business models of players making their living off of Twitch, YouNow and other live-streaming giants.

Plug Me In: The Sonic Robots are here

Presented by Music Ally and by:Larm
In this session we’re going to tell you about the companies making AI music, and we’re going to play you some of it, and we’re going to tell you what it might mean for you, whether you’re an artist, label, promoter, manager or fan. The future for music and AI is getting clearer and also getting weirder each month but there are some big opportunities to use it as part of a clever marketing mix; or a creative collaboration. This session will explore all of that.