New Conference Sessions

November 28 2018

The by:Larm Conference programme is growing. Today we’re happy to announce three new sessions to our festival. Remember to buy your ticket before the price increase December 13.

A to Z of Club Economy

Presented by Norske Konsertarrangører (NKA)
Many music venues are struggling in today’s economic situation, and several popular venues were forced to shut down in 2018. How can the owners, directors, administration and staff contribute to a healthy and sustainable cub economy geared towards long-term growth? What are the danger signs, and how can they be handled? In this talk, Stine Mari Røverdatter (administrative head of Friction, former employee of Blå, Kanonhallen and Club Mono) takes us through an A-Z of club economy, with special focus on event budgeting.

The Key to Great Concert Production

Presented by Norske Konsertarrangører (NKA) and Musikkutstyrsordningen (MUO)
What are the key elements of a successful concert? Drawing on examples from previous productions, Kim K. Osmundsvaag will discuss current problems across the whole production process, focusing on forward planning and execution, good leadership and communication. You’ll find the answers to how to run a project and carry it out effectively for everyone involved – whether you’re in front of the stage, backstage or on stage.

Kim K. Osmundsvåg has worked in numerous productions and large arenas. He was head of production at Atomic Soul Agency and currently runs his own company, Fivecelsius.

Securing Against Terror

Q&A with Kløkt
In the past few years, we have seen several terrorist attacks against live events in Europe and the USA. PST’s threat level in Norway shows we need to realise that Norway – and public events here – are potential terrorist targets. We will hear from various promoters about the anti-terror measures they have been taking at their events, followed by a discussion about how the live entertainment industry should adhere to non-existent national guidelines for security against terror attacks.

Jørgen Aass from Kløkt leads the conversation between relevant representatives from different sectors.