Ni måste flytta på er!

October 24 2019

We wish Annah Björk a big welcome to the by:Larm Conference 2020!

Zara Larsson. Lady Gaga. Laleh. Kathleen Hanna. Tove Lo. The list of women appearing in Annah Björk’s latest book is long. But the women featured in Riot Grrrl Power – 30 years of struggle for equality in the dirtiest business of them all (original: Ni måste flytta på er) have one thing in common: stories of harassment within the music industry.

In her book, the experienced Swedish journalist takes us on a journey into the seedier sides of the pop music industry, where female artists have been systematically sidelined and harassed. Annah Björk accumulates the stories of a swathe of artists and see them for what they represent: the exploitation of aspiring female musicians by powerful businessmen through decades of pop music.

In many ways, Björk’s book maps out the next steps for the #metoo movement. She poses the difficult questions: At what point do we move from words to action? What must be done? Björk has a clear answer: old men in the business, quit your jobs and let young women take over.

Annah Björk will descend on by:Larm 2020’s conference armed with a book that can move mountains, and we look forward to hearing her ideas on how to stimulate genuine diversity in all areas of the music business.