Night Life Economy, Live Lunches and Jazz

January 25 2018

9 New Sessions

Today we’re adding 9 sessions to our Conference Programme where we’ll discuss Keychange, why several cities install Night Mayors and how cities could manage and exploit their musical talents. We strongly believe that a lot of this year’s programme can lead up to several good conversations – not only at by:Larm – but also in the society and the music industry in general. 

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Here are our new additions:
50:50 – What’s in it For Me? (ENG)
Presented by Balansekunst in collaboration with Keychange
New initiatives for encouraging gender equality are springing up all the time. One of them is Keychange, a pioneering European scheme aiming for a 50:50 gender balance across their conference and festival stages by 2022. Learn about how diversity can benefit your business, and why ethics and profitability don’t have to be opposed to each other.

Crossing the Chinese Wall (ENG)
Presented by Music Norway
For many years, China has been touted as the next market frontier. How will the next generation of Chinese music fans discover the full range of international artists? This panel features experts who can lay out today’s situation and tomorrow’s opportunities.

The New Cash Law – In Practice! (NO)
Presented by Espos Norge AS
Have you heard of the new cash law? It entered into force on 01.01.2017 and applies to everyone from 2019. What does this mean to you? Kristian Flodin, the project manager for the Tax Administration, comes to tell us about the new cash law and how it affects organizers in practice.

Jazznytt18: Jon Christensen & Emilie S. Christensen (NO)
Presented by Norsk Jazzforum
Jazznytt is Norway’s only jazz magazine and one of only a few remaining music magazines. Jazznyt18 is the magazine’s regular series of lively talks featuring Q&As, live performances and screenings. At by:Larm, Jazznytt18 host Audun Vinger will talk to a father/daughter combination that really works.

Lighting up the Night Time Economy (ENG)
Presented by Sound Economy
What happens in the dark stays in the dark? Definitely not! It is time to shine a light on the Night Time Economy. What impact does the Night Time Economy have on cities? How can you support and preserve it? Why do more and more cities install Night Mayors, and what are the benefits of that?

Livelunsj med Moddi – Et konsertforedrag + gratis suppe
Presented by NOPA
The amazing songwriter Moddi comes and talks about his work method and various projects, including the work of “Unsongs”. In addition, we will get some performances of the illegal songs on the purchase.

Livelunsj med Øyunn – Et konsertforedrag + gratis suppe
Presented by NOPA
The productive drummer, the songwriter and the artist Siv Øyunn Kjenstad brings her drum kit and synth to talk about – and not least play – her enchanting world of jazz and electronics.

The Nordic Live Scene: A Panorama (ENG)
Presented by Music Norway & by:Larm
This panel will discuss opportunities and trends in the Nordic live scene. Collaborations between Nordic countries are paving the way to building a stronger live industry, and the larger booking agencies are buying themselves into all the Nordic countries. How will these developments impact on Nordic music festivals and international booking in the future?

The Rise of Music Cities (ENG)
Presented by Sound Diplomacy
Music makes cities, towns and places better. All cities have musical talent, from the streets to the arenas, but few cities understand how to plan, manage, develop and ultimately, exploit this talent. To accomplish this, cities, towns, regions and places need music policies. In this session, Sound Diplomacy will give an introduction to the Music Cities movement and the importance and benefits of music policies in places.