The story of boy pablo

December 02 2019

From bedroom pop to global indie stardom

boy pablo has gone from teen bedroom pop artist from Bergen to a global indie star, all the while working with a small label and management team from Norway.

Now the team is coming to by:Larm to tell the story, for the first and last time. The session will be joined by Kristine Bjørnstad (U OK?/777), Tim Dunham (U OK?/777) and Fabio Enzo (777).

His streaming numbers will soon hit half a billion. He sells out venues all over the world. He was the only Norwegian artist playing Coachella in 2019. For the past two years, boy pablo has become one of Norway’s biggest artists, without becoming a household name in Norway. And the 21 year old only seems to grow even further by the hour.

Come hear the team give a behind the scenes look at how they’ve been working and a panel discussion on mining data, rejecting licenses, streaming in Asia and DIY.