This band could be your life

November 19 2019

The Norwegian underground legend Katja Benneche Osvold, vocalist in seminal Norwegian hardcore punk band Life … But How To Live It?, is coming to by:Larm’s conference programme!

The Oslo band, popularly known as just Life…, were in many ways just that: a life force. During the late 80s and early 90s, they toured relentlessly both in Norway and especially abroad, pioneering a concert cycle and network of underground scenes in central Europe that has been dubbed “the punk route”.

To this day, a score of bands embark on the very same touring route that Life… pioneered nearly 30 years ago, with Katja, vocalist in the seminal Norwegian hardcore punk band, at the helm.

This pioneer in Norwegian rock will join our conference for a talk on hardcore punk, activism, idealism, touring, social communities and on how to be a woman in a male-dominated scene. And, of course, to answer the question: life, but how to live it?

Photo by Trond Sættem: Katja live with Life … But How To Live It?, at Brygga, Trondheim, 19.10.1991