Visuals, Digital Innovations and the Future of Music

January 28 2019

New Additions to the Conference Programme

The 10 Biggest Mistakes Artists Make in Digital Music – and How YOU Can Avoid Them (EN)
Presented by Music Ally and by:Larm
From social-media slip-ups to campaign clangers, there are plenty of digital pitfalls for artists in the modern music industry. We’ll hear from some marketing experts with practical advice for artists, but we want to hear from you too: attendees will be able to share their own experiences and get advice and support.

The Visual Art of Timeboy (EN)
Presented by Musikkutstyrsordningen and by:Larm
Timeboy (aka John King) is a Los Angeles ­based visual artist, composer and VJ. King is well known for his work developing Flying Lotus visuals, as well as working with Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, Prince og Erykah Badu. Get to know everything about Timeboy, his work and inspirations in this conversation with lighting designer Kyrre Heldal Karlsen.

The Future of Music: Streaming, Fan-Content and Digital Innovations (EN)
Presented by Music Ally and by:Larm
What digital innovations are going to have a big impact on labels and artists alike? Warner Music Group’s chief digital officer Ole Obermann explains in a conversation with music biz veteran Vickie Nauman. This is a must see session for anyone interested in what the power brokers in today’s global music market are thinking.

Autotune – Aldri ute av tune (NO)
Presented by Klassekampen Musikkmagasinet
Chirag Patel, Linni and Axxe in conversation about the voice manipulation tool has been an important part of the music producer’s armoury since Cher’s 1998 hit ‘Believe’.

User Centric – Forbrukermakt i streamingøkonomien (NO)
Presented by FONO
Streaming technology is reaching maturity, but the debate is still raging around fair distribution of income. The idea of a ‘User-Centric’ solution – where the economy is ranked according to each individual consumer – is gaining popularity. How would such a system change the music economy? Who wins and who loses?

Næringsstøtte til musikksektoren – er det mulig? (NO)
Presentert av FONO
Canada is pioneering a new way of funding the music industry. Funding is not project-related, but granted over a longer period, and the recipient is followed more closely and included in a more comprehensive program. In this seminar we look at research and experience from Canada and ask the question: Could this work in Norway?

Show for the Money (NO)
Presented by by:Larm
How can brands and sponsors help feed fresh content to the music industry, without it going stale or artistically compromised? How can artists utilise sponsors to generate more revenue without damaging their credibility?

Hvordan skape et mer flerkulturelt mangfold i musikkfeltet? (NO)
Presentert av Norske Konsertarrangører
Norwegian society is fairly culturally diverse, but that’s not always reflected in its cultural life. In this conversation we will hear from three organizers who work consciously with inclusion and diversity behind, in front of and on stage.

du virkelig ta det flyet? (NO)
Presentert av by:Larm
Is there any way to go on tour without damaging the environment too much? Is it a human right to fly around the world just to present your music to other people, or from a climate perspective is this little more than a self-serving ego trip?