General information

January 11 2018

Welcome to the by:Larm Conference 2018!

‘Music in Society’

For the 21st edition of the by:Larm Conference, we’ll be staging another essential programme of talks, panels and VIP encounters. Our diverse line-up aims to educate, inspire and help you think outside the box, whether you’re a music industry insider, an ambitious newcomer, an artist or manager, or are simply burning to find out how the modern music business works today and in the future.

As well as practical guides on marketing, promotion and revenue generation, we’ll be focusing on the place of Music in Society. Threads running through the entire conference programme will connect the dots between technological development, eco-friendly solutions, political activism, wealth distribution and healthy urban planning. The conference will give you a deeper understanding of the vital role music and culture can play in tying all these together.

The conference features seminars, talks, panels and Q&As, touching on hot topics like gender balance, mental health, sync deals, management and A&R strategies, increasing revenue, getting the most out of social media, and so much more.

Norwegian Live Music Association, Balansekunst (The Art of Balance), Music Norway and NOPA (Norwegian Society of Composers and Lyricists),
are just a few of the relevant organizations that will attend by:Larm 2018, to inspire, educate and to share their experiences.

In 2017 we had over 90 sessions at the conference, with over 2500 visiting delegates from all over the world, and this year we are confident we will present the most stimulating and unmissable programme for anyone connected to the music industry both in and outside of the Nordic region.

Vulkan Area
When you attend one of our seminars, you will most likely be located at the area known as Vulkan. Vulkan is a former industrialized zone by the river Akerselva and close to Grünerløkka.

All seminars on Thursday and Friday takes place at the Vulkan area, at various locations in and around Mathallen;
the food court in the middle.

The first seminar takes place on Thursday at 10AM.

Conference venues:

Dansens Hus
The national arena for contemporary dance will be a main hub during by:Larm.
You access the two conference rooms through the lobby bar, a good place to hang out and grab a beer between the sessions.

Matsalen A & B
Two separate rooms located inside Mathallen (the food court), up on the mezzanine. The entrance to Mathallen is right beside the Dansens Hus entrance.
Follow the signs up the stairs.

Pokalen & Vulkan Arena
Located near the opposite corner at the other end of Mathallen, seen from Dansens Hus. Both locations serve as venues through the year, and Pokalen doubles as a sports pub. You will find Pokalen on the ground level behind the large football and Vulkan Arena up the stairs in the same complex.

Hendrix Ibsen
This little joint has not decided if it wants to be a coffee bar, a pub or a vinyl joint when it grows up. The entrance is right across the road from Dansens Hus, next to PS Hotel and below the by:Larm office.

This is Hendrix Ibsen’s big brother, with its big location for hangouts, co-working and seminars. It might be hard to find the first time, but it’ll only take you a minute. Take the stairs to Scandic Hotel on the right side of Vulkan Arena. Go to the middle of the stairs to the red area and go inside the building to your right. Follow the hall and all the way to you reach the escalator and jump until you are at the top. Take right between Hendrix Ibsen Junior and Inages Mat, and you’re there!

This is a great conference room at Scandic Vulkan, with a very nice view over Vulkan, placed on the 4th floor of the hotel. Take the stairs up to Scandic Vulkan, turn left and go to the hotels main entrance. When you’re inside the hotel, take the stairs on your left, down one floor and then follow the signs the last 10 meters.

Price jumps
Delegate pass price jumps:
Early bird: before Nov 7th, NOK 2 250
(NOK 2 000 + VAT 250)
Not so early bird: before Dec 8th, NOK 2 750
(NOK 2 400 + VAT 350)
Christmas bird: before Jan 23rd, NOK 3 250
(NOK 2 800 + VAT 450)
Late bird: before Feb 23rd, NOK 3 625
(NOK 3 100 + VAT 525)
Walk-up bird: from Feb 23rd, NOK 4 000
(NOK 3 400 + VAT 600)

Student: NOK 1 750
(NOK 1 600 + VAT 150)