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1-800 GIRLS



Originally from Portsmouth now residing in London, Jake Stewart has successfully located the pleasure centres of UK ravers via the diverse output of his “1-800 GIRLS” artist project.

After stunning sold-out extended-play outings on ubiquitous raw house labels Shall Not Fade and, as well as broody emotionally tinged release on Feelings Worldwide, Lost Palms and his own imprint among others, 1-800 GIRLS continues to reserve a space of his own in the speed lane of modern intelligent dance music.

A past performing live in new wave inspired bands where it was not uncommon to find himself behind a keyboard, guitar or drum kit, informs the 1-800 GIRLS sound – underpinned by the contrasts of subtle nostalgia running alongside rumbling grooves, crackling percussives and gloriously staccato melodies, with spring-tingling emotional textures being the glue holding together everything the Hackney based artist produces, often falling in sharp contrast with his own eclectic high energy DJ sets.


Jake Stewart har blitt en yndling blant raverne i London via 1-800 GIRLS-prosjektet sitt, med utgivelser på blant annet Shall Not Fade, clipp. art og Feelings Worldwide. Bakgrunnen i new wave-band, der han trakterte ulike instrumenter, gir lydbildet et snitt av understemt nostalgi, mens grooven fortsetter å buldre av gårde.

  • Releases on Shall Not Fade and

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