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Auclair is a British-Rwandan music and sound artist. Her work explores rhythm, voice and electronica - treating everyday life like new mythologies and taking an embodied approach to exploring ideas with sound. On her new EP Giramata, listeners can immerse themselves in the raw and sinuous energy of her voice, layers of warping synths and the tactile immediacy of drum hits. Here the spaces left by ghost notes are given as much weight as the ones charged up with bold polyrhythms, shifting sounds form a mythological pathway into something transcendental yet everyday.

It’s this rhythmic language and her growing musical curiosity that produces an unwavering thread through all her releases, reflective of her upbringing in West London, where she flourished under the influences of its eclectic broken beat, techno, drum & bass and jungle scenes. Teamed with her love of punk and hardcore bands, and her background in choirs, Auclair soon started to craft a liminal space, where digital and analog amalgamate to form something interchangeable, and forever evolving.

Much of her time between records has been focused on sound art projects and multi-arts collaborations, ranging from a live rework score of Afro-Brazilian classic Black Orpheus with Charlie Dark through to a choral sound piece about honeybees The Swarm, and more recently working with pioneering Rwandan drum ensemble Ingoma Nshya, and Kwes (Warp). She is also a member of Deep Throat Choir and experimental vocal groups The Quorum and Blood Moon Project


Den britisk-rwandiske musikeren og lydkunsteren Auclair vokste opp i vest-London. Der ble hun sterkt påvirket av lydene i nærområdet: breakbeat, techno, drum & bass og jungle i tillegg til punk og hardcore. Sammen med en bakgrunn i kor, begynte Auclair snart å utvikle sitt eget uttrykk hvor det digitale og analoge forenes til ett.

På den nye EPen Giramata kan lytteren ta inn over seg lag på lag med skiftende synther, en stemme med rå energi og insisterende trommeslag. Mellom utgivelser har hun jobbet med lydkunst og kunstinstallasjoner, blant annet gjennom samarbeid med Charlie Dark, Ingoma Nshya og Kwes (signet på Warp). Hun er også medlem av Deep Throat Choir, The Quorum og Blood Moon Project.

  • Collaborations with Charlie Dark and Kwes, Ingoma Nshya

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