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Better Call Saul: Sync Scene-by-Scene Rundown with Thomas Golubić


Thomas Golubić is a four-time Emmy-nominated music supervisor, DJ and twice Grammy-nominated record producer. His music supervision credits include series like Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Your Honor and Six Feet Under, among many other film & television projects.

While his approach to music supervision is meticulous, Thomas is also an extraordinarily entertaining speaker and storyteller. In this exclusive by:Larm talk, Thomas Golubic will run us through some of his favorite scenes in Better Call Saul, explaining why the particular music was selected in the first place, and also why it was used in the specific way demanded by each scene.

This is a must-see, not only for fans of the Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul universe, but for anyone who wants to learn how one of the top minds in music supervision finds and selects music for TV. A unique chance to get a glimpse into the ideas and mindset behind one of the top dogs in music supervision.


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