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Carlota Marques



Carlota Marques is an electronic music producer, live performer and DJ based in Berlin, Germany. Raised amidst the natural environment of the Balearic islands, she incorporates a highly visual approach to production, weaving the subtleties of emotion and memory into vivid sonic excursions.

After obtaining a degree in sound engineering, Carlota Marques gravitated towards modular synths as her machines of choice. Since then, she has devoted her workflow to exploring the outer reaches of generative sound production, intuitively guiding her tools with both a refined sense of control and respect for their autonomy.

Following a number of highly acclaimed appearances on трип Recordings - which culminated in her 2020 debut solo EP The Bow - Carlota Marques continues to interrogate the artistic potentials of sonic machinery with boundless curiosity. Aesthetically, her sound reflects the infinite power of the machines used to make

them. Radiant melodic leads wander through complex rhythmic structures - much like colourful wires spiralling around a modular synth - whilst zoning in on a particular combination of cross-rhythms and looping motifs.

Drawing upon a compositional approach that sits somewhere between live improvised jazz and phase-shifting minimalism, Carlota Marques distills abstract ideas with remarkable clarity to convey that which cannot be put into words, and by isolating these stranger moments, she reminds us of their transcendent potentials.


Carlota Marques er basert i Berlin, men vokste opp på Balearene i Middelhavet. Hennes bruk av modulære synther og visuelle tilnærming til produksjon skaper levende soniske eskapader, som nikker mot både improvisert jazz og minimalisme.


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