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Chartmetric & Ugress - reaching new fans


Presented by MØST + GramArt

How can data be used to build up a fanbase? These days all the discussion of big data and algorithmic listening can get pretty exhausting. How can you actually make proper use of the overwhelming mass of data and analysis that are rattling around online? Gisle Martens Meyer – better known as Ugress – is certainly familiar with digital concepts and online fanbase-building, but could he do it even better? Michelle Yen is a business analyst at Chartmetric and works on analysing music usage, beginning with the artist’s own channels. She is passionate about developing synergies between music and data on a global scale. What can she teach Gisle – and by extension you – about how to increase your fans on the net?


Gisle Martens Meyer, Ugress

Michelle Yuen, Chartmetrics

Kjersti Brochs, Ingrooves


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