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Crack Cloud



Kanadiske Crack Cloud er et multimedialt kollektiv basert i Vancouver som er like mye et produksjonsstudio som et band. Live tar kollektivet mange former, og det er ikke overraskende om konserten på by:Larm 2024 teller et dusin musikere på scenen.

Deres nyeste album Tough Baby er en hyllest til trommeslager og vokalist Zach Choys far, og med utgivelsen har kollektivet begynt å hevde seg for alvor også utenfor hjemlandets grenser.


Crack Cloud’s new album Tough Baby is both a clarion call and a life-manual for the listener. Witness the opening track ‘Danny’s Message’, which has two key lines, seemingly recorded on a dictaphone. One is an entreaty: “I hope you guys can learn a lot from what I’m trying to tell you.” The other, a command: “Music is an excellent way to let your anger out, put it all on paper.” The voice is that of Danny Choy, the father of drummer and lead vocalist Zach Choy. Danny Choy was fatally diagnosed with Leukaemia at 29. Zach Choy explains: “Before he passed, he left behind a wealth of poems, song transcriptions, carvings and audio journals for my family to remember him by.” Zach is now 29. Appropriately Danny’s influence, still “all-encompassing” twenty years later, launches Tough Baby.

The record could be a brilliant C21st riposte to the likes of The Pogues, the Blockheads, Roxy Music or Armand Schaubroeck. ‘The Politician’ could be a search party sent out to find The Bogus Man after 50 years. This is music that is happy to colour outside the lines prescribed for it.

Tough Baby contains music to think to, music with which to educate, agitate and organise. Zach Choy: “The name Tough Baby is an allusion to our Planet. To our Culture. And to our Selves.” It’s made to remind us that whilst we are all in the gutter to some extent, some of us are looking at the kerb.


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