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Fochs Koshka



Fochs Koshka have become one of the most unique Norwegian acts in electronic music through their high energetic live shows and unique form of experimental techno. In a techno scene where many acts look back in time for inspiration, Fochs Koshka manages to create a soundscape with a glimpse into the future. The live energy they create is said to outperform the modern power bank, and that the sweat by the crowd might possibly bring a solution to the worlds water problems. 


Med sine høyenergiske liveshows og unike form for eksperimentell techno, er Fochs Koshka for tiden en av de mest unike norske gruppene innen den elektroniske sjangeren. I en techno-scene hvor mange ser bakover i tid for inspirasjon, er Fochs Koshkas lydlandskap et glimt inn i fremtiden. Det sies at live-energien deres er i ferd med å utkonkurrere den folkekjære powerbanken og at svetten blant publikum muligens kan løse verdens vannproblemer.


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