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Honeyglaze is a South London-based, haiku-loving trio comprised of vocalist and guitarist Anouska Sokolow, bassist Tim Curtis, and Yuri Shibuichi on drums. Born out of lead songwriter Sokolow’s un-desire to be a solo-act, the group met officially at their first ever rehearsal – just three days ahead of what was to become a near-residency, at their favoured venue The Windmill in Brixton.

First impressions count; and sometimes the ones that last the longest, are the ones that appear out of the unexpected as opposed to the linearly pre-imagined. Against all odds, for Honeyglaze, all it took was a thirty-minute live-session recorded in the garage of their close pal Fran for FarmFest 2020, (an event which had the world been in better health, would’ve been held in the fields of a Catholic Workers Farm), for everything they once knew to change.

Pricking the ears of seminal producer Dan Carey and his team of merry taste-makers: Speedy Wunderground (Tiña, Squid, Black Country New Road), initial brainstorms saw the now-newly formed allegiance attempt to recreate the infamous FarmFest live session, in album form. However, as is often the case in life, ideas fluctuated with time and synchronised brain-spark, and so the Speedy Wunderground / Honeyglaze partnership would manifest into a dynamic that, despite not having met prior, quite simply, just worked.

As for what remains, be it performing to a rammed crowd at Brecon Beacon’s Green Man festival back in August, or playing at the iconic 100 Club for Fred Perry’s All Our Tomorrow’s Festival, it’s safe to say that Honeyglaze are well and truly embodying the concept of “ones to watch”.


Honeyglaze er basert i sør-London og er en del av miljøet rundt den stadig mer interessante konsertscenen The Windmill i Brixton. Tidligere har scenen fostret by:Larm-band som black midi, Squid og Black Country, New Road, og haiku-elskende Honeyglaze gjorde seg bemerket i miljøet med en gang. Det haiku-elskende bandet består av Anouska Sokolow, Tim Curtis og Yuri Shibuichi, og ble til da Sokolow ikke ville være soloartist.

Ting skjedde så fort for bandet, og de ble raskt signert på kremlabelet Speedy Wunderground ved siden av å spille på Green Man-festivalen og den Fred Perry-presenterte All Our Tomorrow’s Festival. Debutalbumet i 2022 er allerede spådd å bli en av årets store snakkiser, og i september får du sjansen til å se Honeyglaze på by:Larm før sirkuset tar helt av!

  • Signed to Speedy Wunderground (alongside by:Larm alumni Squid and Black Country, New Road, among others)

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