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J. Ludvig III



Den vante by:Larm-gjesten vil huske det danske jazzvidunderet Athletic Progression fra 2020-festivalen. De var et av det årets store festivalvinnere, og ble av TMRW kalt “one of the tightest bands around”.

J. Ludvig III er soloprosjektet til Athletic Progression-trommis Jonathan Jull Ludvigsen, som på egen hånd utforsker samspillet mellom en særdeles teknisk trommestil og en følelsesladd, melodidrevet låtskriverprosess. Hans andre album EMOTAN kommer våren 2024 på det 4AD-tilknyttede selskapet b4.


J. Ludvig III is the solo moniker of renowned Danish drummer Jonathan Jull Ludvigsen. Ludvigsen first gained notoriety as part of the award-winning contemporary jazz trio Athletic Progression; the band released music with the seminal South London label and curatorial platform Touching Bass and performed at the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival.

Ludvigsen’s precision, stylistic range, and talent for playing breakbeats live eventually caught the attention of rising R&B sensation Erika de Casier, who in 2018 invited him to play with her on tour. Since then, he has toured extensively with de Casier and with breakout R&B star Liv.e. J. Ludvig III began to take shape during Ludvigsen’s time at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus; there, he began to explore the interplay between a highly technical drumming style and an emotive, melody-driven, stream-of-consciousness songwriting approach. In 2021, Ludvigsen released Sadboy Fusion, his first album as J. Ludvig III. The album showcased the results of Ludvigsen’s early explorations: on it, Ludvigsen’s incisive drumming underpins meandering, plaintive vocal lines and blooming instrumentation.

Now Ludvigsen returns with EMOTAN, an album propelled by separation, loss, and a drive to defy expectation. EMOTAN is an expansive album, as deeply personal as it is experimental. With it, Ludvigsen takes a bold and definitive step forward, beyond the confines of his identity as a drummer and straight through his own personal hurt.


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