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The Norwegian band j00 ("you") recently released "j00niverse" – a debut EP filled to the brim with indie cry-bangers in a rainbow cloud of sugary noise. j00 entered the Norwegian music scene as a breath of fresh air, and is now backed by the record label Propeller (Highasakite/Sløtface) and the booking agency Polar Artist.

Their singles "aces", "moon-path" and "tic tac toe" have been listed at New Music Friday, Oyster, Alt and Vooors!, and have received good reviews in Universitas, Radio Revolt, and NRK P3. With Cyndi Lauper and SOPHIE as their guiding stars, j00 is bringing their explosive 3D Pop to by:Larm!


Det norske bandet j00 ("you") slapp nylig "j00niverse" – en debut-EP fylt til randen av indie cry-bangers i en regnbuesky av støy og sukkerspinn. j00 dukket opp som et friskt pust på den norske musikkscenen, og har nå plateselskapet Propeller Recordings (Highasakite/Sløtface) og bookingbyrået Polar Artist med på laget.

Singlene "aces", "moon-path" og "tic tac toe" har vært listet på New Music Friday, Oyster, Alt og Voors!, samt fått god mottagelse i bland annet Universitas, Radio Revolt, og NRK P3. Med Cyndi Lauper og SOPHIE som sine ledestjerner, byr j00 på sin eksplosive 3D-pop på by:Larm!

  • "Pinball pop, with thousands of colors and blinking lights"
  • "Music that explodes in colors in front of your eyes, expands to every corner of your mind, staying there throughout the day" Radio Revolt
  • "A bit of punk, a bit of pling-plong electronica ... 'aces' is, essentially, a catchy pop tune" NRK P3

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