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Artificial intelligence and music creators – for better or worse


Presented by NOPA and TONO

AI builds on everything that has previously been done. Those who made the "building blocks" – the creators – have never been asked for permission. In other words, big tech is profiting from others' work. How and why are they getting away with it, and what are the implications for the creators of music?

In this panel we will address those questions, as well as discuss opportunities related to artificial intelligence. How can creators use AI to their advantage, and what pitfalls should one beware of? Ole Henrik Antonsen from NOPA, Inger Elise Mey from TONO, musician and songwriter Signe Eide and Arriën Molema from CIAM will do their best to answer these questions.

In this panel:  

Ole Henrik Antonsen - Chair of NOPA  Inger Elise Mey - Director of International Affairs at TONO  

Arriën Molema - Songwriter, chair of BAM! and vice-president of CIAM

Signe Eide - Musician, songwriter and master student studying Information Security and Digital Forensics


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