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Ladies Music Pub DJs



Ladies Music Pub was set up as a non-profit organisation in 2015 and is currently run by TYSON, Hannah Turnbull Walter, Nellie Owusu and Marina Garvey Birch, embracing an online community of over 3000 people. It aims to ‘encourage more women to join the industry by helping record labels and music companies reach more diverse applicants [and providing] a safe space and network through regular meetings for those feeling frustrated.’
Ladies Music Pub has developed into a multifaceted entity, but at its core it’s concerned with supporting women and gender-variant individuals in music. On Friday night during by:Larm, Hannah, Nellie, TYSON and Marina will get together to get the dance floor going at Kafé Hærverk into the night!


Hannah Turnbull Walter, Nellie Owusu, TYSON og Marina Garvey Birch er de glupe hodene bak Ladies Music Pub, et mangehodet kollektiv med mange jern i ilden – plateselskap, nettsamfunn med 3000 medlemmer og, ja, pub for kvinner og ikke-menn i musikkbransjen. De fire er også habile DJer, og på fredagskvelden under by:Larm kommer Hannah, Nellie, TYSON og Marina for å sette fyr på dansegulvet på Kafé Hærverk langt ut i de små timer.


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