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The Future of Creator Tools


Presented by Masterchannel, by:Larm Startup partner 2022

Today, everyone is a creator! The rise of new creator tools has made it easier than ever to create, organize and release music and has led to some major changes in the industry. But where is this trend going and how will it affect artists, labels and the creators of these tools?

Join the Masterchannel team when they explore this topic alongside industry experts and artists. The panel discussion will touch upon topics such as WHAT goes into creating these tools, HOW they can make a difference in the music industry and WHY we only have seen the start of the change in the music industry.

Before the panel starts, CEO Christian Ringstad Schultz will give a short introduction to Masterchannel.

Simen Fjeld (Senior Analyst, Sony Music & producer, Simon Field)
Simon Hestermann (CTO & Co-Founder, Masterchannel)
Oda Svendsby (Head of Marketing & Promotions, Propeller Recordings)
Matilda Gressberg (Artist & Producer, Matilda)

Moderated by Karen Norbakk (Sony Music)


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