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Vayda er en artist med en voldsom appetitt for musikalsk eksperimentering. Debut-mikstapen Forest Gump kom i desember 2023 etter hele ni EPer med krumspring innen en lang rekke sjangere, en tilnærming som har ledet til sammenligninger med Gucci Mane og NBA YoungBoy.

Selv om Vayda har vært usignert hittil, har hun karret til seg over 40 000 månedlige lyttere på Spotify og 170 000 visninger på Youtube, i tillegg til oppmerksomhet fra publikasjoner som  B.E.T., Pitchfork, Nobells, The Cut og The FADER.


Vayda is the avant-garde shapeshifter bringing out the best in every genre she touches while asserting internet humor, spunky angst, and hot girl sincerity all at once. One journalist has paralleled her diligent output to the likes of Gucci Mane and NBA YoungBoy. A fair assessment since, much like them, Vayda has found momentum flooding the online market with EP after EP, releasing six in 2022 and another three the following year.

And that’s not including her debut mixtape, Forest Gump, released December 2023. Forest Gump is her strongest offering yet, expanding to include outside producers (Brent Rambo, Noah Salem, Rxlvnd, Nedarb, O.G. Herm), multiple different song structures, and a focused writer with plenty to get off her chest.” Vayda’s consistent release of singles and short projects have now generated more than 40,000 monthly Spotify listeners and amassed over 170,000 views on YouTube while also earning recognition from music publications B.E.T., Pitchfork, Nobells, The Cut, The Fader and Grammys—all without a major record deal.


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