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Your rights, new income


Presented by TONO, Gramo and NEMAA

Concert footage posted by fans on Instagram will soon generate payments for everyone involved in the video's content. Mark Isherwood of DDEX explains how.

Correct registration of metadata has historically been a low priority, but has rarely been more important than today. The systems for recognition, monitoring, use and payment have never been better.

A significant breakthrough in the Norwegian market in this area is now approaching. The DDEX standard makes it possible to "follow the money" from the intellectual property uploaded on any given platform quickly and easily. The correct use of DDEX ensures that all creators and owners of the content get paid.

The technology and standard already exists, and is used by labels, distributors, DSPs, publishers and in studio software etc. The more widespread the use of the standard becomes, the more income an artist or creator will generate. Now the standard is to be rolled out across Norway, resulting in new and greater income for everyone who owns and creates music.

Join us to learn more about the current state and possibilities of DDEX, followed by a Q&A with lawyer and chairman of the board Limita Lunde.


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