13 more reasons to join us at by:Larm 2018

December 15 2017

Scandinavian and international acts added to the lineup

2017 has been a magical year for Scandinavian artists. We’re proud to say that a bunch of this years by:Larm artists ended up on The Faders list over ’15 Scandinavian artists to listen to in 2018′. Sigrid, ALMA, Baba Stiltz, Jakob Ogawa, Off Bloom and Jimi Somewhere honoured us with their presence earlier this year and have gained great international acknowledgement. We appreciate to be an important stepping stone for up and coming artists and are more than happy to continue sharing the Nordic sound to music lovers worldwide. The Fader also mentioned by:Larm 2018 artists Fanny Andersen and Sassy009 on their list, so we’re feeling confident that we – also in 2018 – will help you (and The Fader) discover your next favourite artist.

On that note, we have another handful of delightful music we want to announce for our 2018 programme:

Cut Worms (US)
Farveblind (DK)
Great News
Jada (DK)
Jimmy Smash
Kristian Kristensen
Lewis Capaldi (UK)
Mash Up International (SE)
Rhys (SE)
Scarlet Pleasure (DK)
School of X (DK)

Photo: EMIR