13 New Sessions

January 19 2018

50 Shades of Black, Indie Labels and Top Green Solutions ++

Our last conference announcement until next week! Today we’re adding 13 sessions to our Conference Programme where we’ll discuss how you can make your festival greener, where the indie labels are going and how to get into the tough music industry without having a big network or resources. Remember to buy your ticket before the price increase on Monday at 11:59 PM. The delegate passes will increase from 3 250 NOK to 3 625 NOK.  Get your tickets here.

Here are our new additions:

Indie Labels: Off the Grid (ENG)
Presented by by:Larm
How can independent labels survive and compete in a marketplace where the Anglo-American model still rules? We ask representatives of several key European mainland record companies for their experiences: City Slang (Germany), Because (France), Bedroom Community (Iceland) and Smalltown Supersound (Norway). 

Music Industry’s Future Leaders (ENG)
Export Academy presented by Music Norway & the Regional Music Competence Centres
Considering how much the music industry has changed in the last 15 years, it’s hard to imagine what it will look like in 2030. What are the future music execs thoughts of the coming decades?

Managers’ Guide to Mental Health (ENG)
Presented by NEMAA & MMF
Last year MMF produced the Managers Guide to Mental Health Fiona McGugan, General Manager of MMF, will present the guide and discuss tools to help managers protect themselves and their musicians, as well as UK and global initiatives on tackling mental health and wellbeing in the music industry.

Top Green Solutions (ENG)
Presented by Green Operations Group
Today, environmentally friendly production and sustainability policies are a must for every promoter. This talk will reveal some of the top green solutions by asking our panelists (from Øya Festival, GO Group: A Greener Festival and Shambala Festival) about their most successful initiatives in 2017.

Where is the Market Heading? (NO)
Presented by IFPI
We take a broad look at the state of the music marketplace as it was in 2017, and the directions it’s currently heading in. Do people want vinyl, DAB or YouTube? New figures from 2017 are presented alongside trends and highlights from IFPI’s 2017 research programme.

Nordic Rock and Metal: A Rough Guide (ENG)
Presented by by:Larm Black
To get your bearings, we present a roadmap of the Nordic rock and metal scene. We’ll guide you through each sector: labels, agents, festivals, media, PR companies, publishers and managers and identify key players on the scene.

Take A Stand – Utopian Festivals (ENG)
Presented by Green Operations Group
We put happy smiles on thousands of people’s faces. Festivals and concerts are supposed to be spaces for freedom, partying and letting it all hang out. But beyond entertainment, can we provide ideas and examples to create more engaged citizens, more inclusive communities and better living spaces for all?

50 Shades of Black – Metal Identities (ENG)
Presented by by:Larm Black
The diversification in metal seems neverending. Is there a clear stylistic trend in our current climate, or are we in an age of total unpredictability as to what is the next big thing?

How to Excel at Your Career (ENG)
Export Academy is presented by Music Norway in collaboration with Norway’s Regional Music Competence Centres
Music is a tough industry, we all know that. So how do you break barriers and borders when you don’t necessarily have the network or resources to invest in your artists, company or yourself?

Smart Cities: Unlocking Potential (ENG)
Presented by Oslo Business Region
Oslo is positioning itself as a smart city: a playground where the latest technology is linked in with city services and daily life, aiming to provide a seamless experience for its inhabitants. In this session we’ll immerse you in smart tech inspiration to improve your events and productions through the application of smart, connected technology. 

What Happened to Danger? (ENG)
Presented by by:Larm Black
Metal used to be considered profane, provocative and brimming with attitude. What happened to the danger factor – is it still there somewhere or did all the bad boys (and girls) drift into hiphop?

Distribution Models: Pro Rata or User-Centric? (ENG)
Presented by GramArt
Several Finnish music organizations have been researching the differences between the ‘pro rata’  distribution model and the ‘user-centric’ -model, based on Spotify data. What difference would it make if Spotify and other streaming services changed their model to user-centric?

Dissecting the Digital Dollar (ENG)
Presented by NEMAA
Find out how the deals between the streaming services and the record companies, music publishers and collection societies really work, and how royalties flow from each streaming platform through to artists and songwriters.

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