AI, Trends And How To Grow Your Streams

January 21 2020

Another conference tease before we’re full circle

We’re getting ready to reveal the full scope of this year’s conference programme in the coming weeks, but we have a few more announcements before it’s all out there for you to enjoy!

This week we are happy to announce a series of collaborations with our partners at Music Ally. Together, we’re presenting the absolute musts of 2020, whether it’s getting your streams, AI, video content or advertising done right. We’re also dipping our toe into the cinema world and the strange, strange, beautiful world of Northern Soul.

Dive into the following topics:
20 Things You Need To Do In 2020 (EN)
AI Music and Synthetic Stars + The future of music creation (EN)
Facebook & Instagram Advanced Advertising (EN)
A Dog Called Money (EN) – Free screening!
Fremtidens konsertscenografi (NO)
How to Grow Your Streams: Spotify, Apple Music & YouTube Music (EN)
Keep the Faith – 50 Years of Northern Soul (EN)
Setting Up Shops: Selling on your digital channels (EN)
The Companies & Trends That Could Change the Music Business (EN)
YouTube Best Practice: Optimisation & Strategy Deep Dives (EN)

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