by:Larm Rock & Metal Programme

February 24 2020

In it’s 4th year focusing on the harder genres, by:Larm is yet again presenting some of the most exciting Nordic and international rock & metal acts. 18 bands will perform a total of 24 shows over three days at Krøsset and John Dee, giving all fans of loud music no reason to stay at home. This year the rock and metal lineup is also more diverse than ever, with women in almost 40% of the performing bands. It’s a goal for by:Larm to showcase a diverse festival without compromising on quality. We hope this will inspire other festivals, venues and promoters to book more diverse rock and metal bands in the future.

See the live schedule HERE, and sort by “Black” for the rock and metal artists playing John Dee and Krøsset.

Besides the live programme there are several seminars and panels with relevant topics for the rock and metal community, with key industry players taking part in the conference. Amongst the participants this year we have Rammstein’s booker, people from Behemoth’s management, Sepultura’s management, Opeth’s Management, Download Festival UK, Hellfest, Summer Breeze Festival, Brutal Assault, Metalhammer UK, Visions Magazine and many more. Every day throughout the festival we also put on networking events for the rock & metal community hosted by by:Larm and Tons of Rock, Midgardsblot, Høstsabbath and Fysisk Format.

Check out our by:Larm Rock & Metal playlist, and we’ll see you in the pit!

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We do not sell venue tickets for this year’s by:Larm.

Rock & metal bands at the festival:
Black Mirrors (BE) Combos (NO), Dangerface (NO), Daufødt (NO), Death Throne (NO), Drittmaskin (NO), Dwaal (NO), Konvent (DK), LÜT (NO), Navian (NO), Nervosa (BR), Nyrst (IS), Oberst (NO), Orm (DK), Spurv (NO), Svalbard (UK), The New Death Cult (NO), This Gift Is A Curse (SE)

Photo: Combos