by:Larm’s move to the autumn will be permanent

June 09 2021

by:Larm 25 will happen September 15-17th 2022

In 2022, by:Larm will celebrate its 25th anniversary. 25 years! How it rolls off the tongue. It’s a milestone for us, and trust us – it won’t go unnoticed. As soon as the 24th edition of by:Larm in September 2021 is behind us, we will get to work on creating the anniversary celebration of a lifetime.

We are excited to announce the dates for that celebration: by:Larm 25 will happen September 15-17th 2022! In other words, our move to the autumn will be permanent. Though it was Covid-19 that initially forced our 2021 move from March to September, the response from the industry was crystal clear: a by:Larm in autumn is what they have been asking for all along.

With our new timing, by:Larm becomes an even more relevant marketplace for new music, taking place just as the summer festivals are on the lookout for new acts to book for their next editions. The artists will be able to benefit more from a by:Larm gig than ever before – and by:Larm is about the artists.

See you September 30th to October 2nd 2021 – and at our 25th anniversary September 15-17th 2022!


Photo: Silje Ryen